For the Rapscallion video I tried to capture the experience of drinking their sodas in a creative and eye catching way.

I used practical effects like projecting text on to the can to show the name and hanging the can upside down using magnets to create an anti gravity effect.

This type of short video is perfect for social media, websites or online advertising.

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My aim for the Garden Shed Gin video was to give that feeling of the environment where you might drink it. I also wanted to create a small story about how the garden itself creates the gin using ingredients from the drink.

The set was created indoors using plants and props as well as lighting the scene like daylight. Various effects such as the bee were added in post production.

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This video aimed to show the earrings matched with different colours and outfits. The different cloths were filmed on a green screen and layered together with the earrings to give a seamless shot effect.

Since the earrings are bright and colourful, it was important to match this with the energy and style of video.