Ocean View - April 2020

This 60 second film was made during the Covid lockdown. It's simple but I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Le Fil de la Vie - Aug 2019

I had spare time over the summer and decided to make a film to keep myself sharp. The challenge was it being set in one location with mostly one actor.

Lost Brothers - April 2019

My second proper short film. It went to a few small festivals and picked up some awards at the Scottish Short Film Festival.

Grace - June 2018

This was my short film for college. It was my first proper attempt at writing and directing a short film.

Molly Marguerite - May 2018

This was Black Tiles performing their single 'Molly Marguerite'. We played with lighting to try and create some interesting visual motion.

Get Up - May 2018

A music video for Vansleep's debut song "Get Up". The video was filmed around Aberdeen and in Captain Tom's.

Red Romance - March 2018

I worked as cameraman on this music video for Karelias Discord. The song is called 'Red Romance'.

Another One Gone - February 2018

This is a music video that I made in collaboration with Louis Martin. We both produced and filmed, and I edited it. It was for the Aberdeen based band, UNF. The song is called 'Another One Gone'.

Opera Holland Park - January 2018

One of the three promotional films that I made for the local artist Kate Steenhauer. I worked with Emily Howie on it.

Cigarette Lover - June 2017

A music video with the musician, Lachlan Will. We recorded the song and video in a small field amongst some trees.

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Golden Soul - April 2020

This music video was very narrtive based and took quite a while to film. The effects were also challenging but fun.

Better Off Alone - June 2019

This narrative music video was a fun challenge. It was all shot during the day so I had to make it look like night and add the orb in post.

The 101 at the Music Hall - Dec 2018

I filmed the band's 30 minute set opening for Texas and then edited it to one of their songs. The challenge was making it all look like they were performing the one song.

Lego Walk Like You Alone - June 2018

This medley was a super chill shoot. There were some really nice locations.

Lay Your Love - May 2018

For this music video, I tried to mix slow motion shots seamlessly with the regular speed shots. I think it works really well for capturing little details.

Metropolitan Spaghetti - April 2018

This film was part of the BFI Film Academy Course. I was the director, cinematographer and editor.

Speyside Cooperage - February 2018

This is the second of three promotional films I made for artist Kate Steenhauer. I worked with Emily Howie on it.

Cyber Attraction - February 2018

I worked as the cinematographer on this film for the Scottish Government, highlighting the dangers of texting and was written and directed by Daniel Greig and Matthew Lennox.

Win That Girl - July 2017

A music video with The Cliftons, a local Aberdeen band. We recorded their performance at Captain Tom's.

NUART Festival - May 2017

This was a mini documentary based on the NUART Festival which came to Aberdeen in Easter 2017.

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